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Soft Sculpture

Brother Phillip Gets an Unexpected Visitation

Brother Phillip Gets an Unexpected Visitation--Weighted free-standing soft sculpture. (16"x14"x8")

Brother Phillip (Detail)

Brother Phillip (Detail)

Princess Sylvie

Princess Sylvie--In the delightful book The Great Good Thing by Roderick Townley, the characters actually live within the pages of the book and have to rush to the page when a reader opens it. (14"x16"x10")

Miss Rumphius

Miss Rumphius--Based on the book by Barbara Cooney, this updated Miss Rumphius, a spunky spinster, makes the world a more beautiful place by spreading lupine seeds. (22"x16"x8")

Karana and Rontu

Karana and Rontu--One of my favorite books as a girl, and inspired by a true story, Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell tells the story of a young Native American girl marooned on an island alone for 18 years. (16"x11"x8")

Lady Pirate

Lady Pirates WEAR Their Treasure--No self-respecting lady pirate would bury gold and jewels in the ground. Honey, she would WEAR them! (22"x14"x9")

Lady Pirate

Lady Pirate (Detail)--Even Mr. Crab is enjoying the booty!

Shear Irony

Shear Irony--It has not escaped the sheep's attention that the farmer's hair looks a lot like what she's shearing off of them. (18"x14"x11")

Shear Irony

Shear Irony (Back)--The barn cat doesn't want to be next under the clippers!

Cat Lady

Cat Ladies Can't Eat Tuna--Inspired by my own cat Edwin who, after a tiny taste of crabmeat, never again let me open a can in peace.

Winner, "Most Humorous, Doll Category" in the 2013 Hoffman Challenge sponsored by Hoffman Fabrics. (15"x7"x6")


Cat Ladies Can't Eat Tuna (Detail)


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