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Quilted Lace

The Story of Quilted Lace

Inspired by an avid recycler friend (Marilyn Sobanski of Rainbow Recycling in Black Mountain, NC) I challenged myself to use every last scrap of fabric at the end of a project. As the pieces got smaller and smaller, the work got more and more fun and interesting, resulting in an improvisational open-work process I call Quilted Lace.

(For other examples of getting the most creativity out of your materials, click on the .pdf article Quilting Til There Ain't Nothin' Left.  Article will open in a new tab.)

The Marilyn Effect

The Marilyn Effect--Tiny leftover scraps of fabric were layered, quilted, cut out, edged, stitched together and floated over & outside of background. (27"x24")

The Marilyn Effect II

The Marilyn Effect II--Many of the fabrics I use come from thrift shops. If you've ever donated colorful cotton clothing to charity, take a good look. You might see an old friend! (30"x28")

The Marilyn Effect II-Detail

The Marilyn Effect II  (Detail)

Quilted Lace Original

Quilted Lace--Leftover scraps from The Marilyn Effect circles were combined into open-work quilted lace. (20"x16)

Quilted Lace II

Quilted Lace II--Floated above background, framed. (13"x27")

Autumn Lace

Autumn Lace--Floated above background, framed. (30"x24")

Quilted Lace

Quilted Lace III--Suspended in custom wooden frame. (50"x20"x1")


Mobius--Three-dimensional quilted lace fabric sculpture, mounted and framed. (16"x13"x2")


Mobius II--Fabric sculpture, can be mounted and/or framed. (24"x26"x4")

ClergyStole-Fall ClergyStole-Spring

Reversible Clergy Stole--Autumn and Spring sides. (50" from back of neck to bottom edge)


Bamboo Banner (16"x11"x4")


Quilted Lace Circle Vase (10"x5")


Quilted Lace Candle Holders


Butterfly Planter Pal

Quilted Lace Ornaments

Quilted Lace Ornaments--or as some have described them, alien alphabet letters.
(approx. 4"x4")

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