Melissa Lewis--Upside Down Speaking

Why most public speaking training falls short

Frustrated woman You have a big presentation coming up so you take a presentation skills class to boost your confidence. The speech coach advises you to . . . start with a joke, stand up straight, keep your hands out of your pockets, point to the screen with your left hand, pause for emphasis between ideas, keep your jacket buttoned for the first 10 minutes then unbutton it, project your voice from the diaphragm, don't talk to the screen, make eye contact for 3.5 seconds per person, don't say 'um', and take three steps between each main point. Oh, and if you're nervous, picture them in their underwear.
No wonder we're nervous wrecks!

How the "upside down" approach is different

Confident woman Speaking power is about more than mechanics. It's about connection. With Upside Down Speaking, you and your group will learn to turn your thinking upside down by setting aside nit-picky mechanics and focusing first on getting attitudes and intentions straight. Through a combination of comic touches, vivid visual metaphors, lively discussion and personalized feedback, you will shift your thinking in a way that allows your natural charisma to come through. This well-rounded "upside down" approach also:
Whether your group consists of beginners or seasoned executives, Upside Down Speaking can help you find your natural charisma and confidence in any speaking situation.
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