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Other Fiber Art

Mailable Mini-Quilts

Mailable Mini-Quilts--Colorful 4x6 quilts that, with extra postage, can be sent through U.S. mail like a postcard

Scrap Squares

Scrap Squares--Leftover bits from the mailable mini-quilts are transformed into a small décor piece. (10"x10"x2")

Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes--The wrapping is a gift in itself. Boxes fold flat for storage. (6"x4"x4", 5"x3"x3")

Trim Scrap Coasters

Trim Scrap Coasters--Tiny strips, usually discarded, are stitched back to usefulness as coasters.

Hexagon Table Runner

Hexagon Watercolor Table Runner--Hand stitched open work with piping. (18"x48")

Watercolor Diamond

Watercolor Diamond--Open work hexagons suspended in a custom wooden frame. I often hide a fox in my pieces. Can you spot him? (24"x24"x1")

Hexagon Watercolor II

Hexagon Watercolor II--Fabric left over from other projects or rescued from thrift stores meld into a colorful garden. There's a fox in the garden, too. (53"x36")

Hexagon Watercolor III

Hexagon Watercolor III--Tiny 1.5" open-work hexagons. Look closely. There's a tiny fox hiding here, too. (14"x14")

I Spy

I Spy--There are no foxes in this garden, but you will find 101 other "I Spy" items. 768 hexagons were hand stitched, hand pieced, hand quilted. (88"x64")

Shimmering Triangles

Shimmering Triangles--Numerous thrift store scrub tops, skirts and a mumu were combined with commercial fabrics to create a shimmer effect. Machine pieced. (Machine quilting by Five Little Monkeys quilt shop.) (44"x60")

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