Melissa Lewis--Upside Down Speaking
Theatre Mask

Imagine. . .

. . . Your conference attendees heard such good buzz about the theatre-style after lunch program that they arrived early to get a good seat.
. . . Everyone in the audience watches keenly, preparing for the next thing they will be asked to do.
. . . Throughout the program, there are bursts of laughter and applause as your participants recognize their shared frustrations depicted onstage by their peers.
. . . For the rest of the conference, the after-lunch program sparks many enthusiastic hallway discussions on how they will apply what they learned.

That's what happens with a Mini-Theatre conference keynote session. Melissa Lewis does more than just presentation skills. She can also bring a taste of Broadway to your general session! She does in-depth research into your organization's communication challenges and then, using her theatre background, creates a program with hilarious yet realistic scenarios--with a team of YOUR PARTICIPANTS as the stars! The blend of theatrical flair, stories, pratical how-to strategies and innovative audience participation makes for an unforgettable keynote program that is uniquely yours.

The After Lunch Guarantee

It can be hard to recruit speakers for the after-lunch time slot, but after lunch (especially on the first day of the conference) is the PERFECT place for a Mini-Theatre program! In fact, if your group isn't energized, invigorated and engaged after one of these programs--even right after lunch--Melissa will waive her fee!

Call today to find out how Melissa can bring a little Broadway to your conference.

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