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These articles can give you a new perspective on speaking confidence. You may also use them in newsletters or other publications. See the bottom of each article for conditions for their use.
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Demand Dignity in Public Speaking Training
Some public speaking training can do more harm than good. It's time for a respectful, positive approach.
Five Tired, Worn-Out Public Speaking Cliches and Why It's Time to Throw them Out
Dumb advice abouds out there. It's time to put these tired, old cliches to bed once and for all!
Coffee, Expectations and the Fire Alarm Point
Fancy slides and techniques won't do you any good if you don't meet the listeners' basic needs first.
I've Lived Your Nightmare: Surviving Humiliation on Stage
You think you have lived a nightmare on stage? I bet my nightmare tops yours!
Speaking Power: It's About Shedding, Not Acquiring
If only you had more techniques, skills & tools you would be a better speaker, right? Guess again.
Ice Skates And Eyeballs: Where Public Speaking Training Goes Wrong
Most speech training entirely misses the 2nd half of the equation for true connection. Is it missing in you?
Lose Stage Fright Over Your Lunch Hour
Losing stage fright doesn't have to take years. With a change in your thinking, it can happen over lunch.
The Big Myth: Speaking Might Not Be So Scary
Do NOT get me started on the "Public speaking is the #1 fear" thing. This myth is BUSTED!
The Porch Light Method To Speaking Confidence
What do public speaking and Halloween trick-or-treating have in common? Read and find out.
What a Bully Taught Me About Public Speaking
Just who is behind that grumpy face in the audience? Probably a human being.
Top 10 Content Management Mistakes
You have a lot of information to get across. Handle it with care!
For Speaking Ease, Forgive Your Younger Self
Are you still mad at yourself for screwing up all those years ago? It's time to let yourself off the hook.
How to Excel at Briefing Senior Executives
Executives can seem intimidating, but they just need your help. Take a peek into the minds of executives.
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